Monday 16 December 2013

Eco Christmas and Eco New Year from EcoEvaluation with a Great Green Announcement!

Best wishes for Eco Christmas and Eco Year from the EcoEvaluation crew, with the announcement of an important innovation for 2014: from next year it will be possible to apply the EcoEvaluation method to industrial and handicraft green products. The analysis will be based on production data, taking into account the type of materials used, the power consumption required for the production and use and emissions related to logistics. All of EcoEvaluated products products will expose the label EcoEvaluation as a guarantee of sustainability and health for the consumer.

Monday 28 October 2013

EcoEvaluation in Forum Buy Green, Workshop on Green Design with Lessmore

Thursday, October 31, at the Forum Compra Verde - Buy Green, to be held in Milan, at the Palazzo delle Stelline, EcoEvaluation will be presented during the workshop organised by Lessmore entitled "INNOVATION AND RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: A COLLECTION OF ECODESIGN FOR GREEN PURCHASES AND THE GPP". 
During the meeting will be analyzed and discussed the themes of sustainability applied to the design for the green purchasing and the GPP. In this frame will be presented some case histories that have involved the application of EcoEvaluation on exhibition spaces prepared through Lessmore furniture.
The conference will take place from 11 to 12.30 in Room Chagall.

Thursday 24 October 2013

EcoEvaluation for green retail: the Telecom Italia sustainable Fitness Area

The Wellness area of Telecom Italia in Parco De' Medici, Rome, will be the subject of EcoEvaluation for objective measurement of environmental performance of the internal spaces prepared according to the new concept designed by BBA-Architetti.

The gym, of about 700 sqm, is dedicated to Telecom Italia employees , and is aimed to give a strong social improvement of the quality of the free time of labor resources. 

The attention to the relationship business-to-employee, which is expressed in the implementation of a Wellness Area for internal use, cannot be separated from further aspect of sensitivity: the environmental sustainability of the entire operation of equipment.

EcoEvaluation label, as required by Telecom Italia, will be exposed within the Wellness Area, with clear and transparent indications about the environmental performance of the space, and as a guarantee of quality for the health of the user.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Green exhibitions and green retail. Something more than a label: with EcoEvaluation you know where you are!

EcoEvaluation provides something more than a traditional environmental label: thanks to the method which is based on, it allows the scientific and objective measurement of the environmental performance of the space created, both temporary (fairs, exhibitions, festivals) and permanent (shops, hotels, retail) and provides real results in terms of energy consumption, materials and emissions. A guarantee measurable and easily understandable thanks to ECO Classes.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

EcoEvaluation for exhibition and festival spaces: sustainability beyond carbon offset

A festival setting up, even the greenest one, needs a lot of materials, energy and transports. Often festivals and exhibitions use carbon offsetting to be sustainable and greener. Unfortunately, Carbon offsetting tells us nothing about what kind of materials has been used, if they are eco-friendly and human health safe; nothing about their disposal or reuse after the event. And more, what about energy consumption for setting up and use during the festival? From how far do all equipments come? Carbon offsetting doesn't answer at all.

EcoEvaluation analyzes the space set up in terms of materials (quality, quantity, method of disposal and reuse) of kWh/sqm used for the realization and use, and CO2 emissions for the transportation from the place of production to the final location. Furthermore, the label EcoEvaluation increases the visibility  of eco-friendly spaces and offers users the  guarantee of environmental quality and safety for the consumer's health.